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Emmys 2017
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Mandy Moore's favorite scene

The singer and actress loved her scenes with ”Because I Said So” costar Diane Keaton

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”I liked any of the scenes where a cake was involved and I got to lick the frosting off my fingers!” jokes Moore, 22, about the current romantic comedy. But seriously: ”Every scene I got to do with Diane Keaton was great. She is totally on a pedestal for me. I liked the tender moments, like when she asks me what an orgasm is like and admits she never had one.” The singer-actress, whose fifth album, Wild Hope, will be released in May, also recalls the moments she wasn’t so fond of filming. ”I didn’t like the scene where I had to be in small, tight underwear and shot from the back. They shot that when we came back from vacation. I [had gone] to Paris, and was like, ‘I ate bread and cheese for a week. Now you want me in my underwear?’ Oy. It was not pretty.”