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John Grogan recommends ''About Alice''

John Grogan recommends ”About Alice” — The author of ”Marley and Me” loves the Calvin Trillin memoir

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John Grogan recommends ”About Alice”

There are good marriages and bad marriages, and then there’s Calvin Trillin’s marriage. In his spare and understated new book, About Alice, he lovingly remembers his late wife and soul mate, Alice Stewart Trillin. More importantly, he celebrates a long, happy marriage marked by the kind of effortless affection and devotion that all seek but few ever attain. Trillin finds beauty in brevity, and there is beauty on every page of this 78-page testament to what he calls ”the transformative power of pure, undiluted love.” In our culture of tell-all memoirs detailing all manner of pathology and dysfunction, About Alice serves as a refreshing antidote. Love, it turns out, really is more than just a four-letter word.