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EW's million dollar idea: ''Witness 2''

Starring Harrison Ford, Rachel Bilson, and one very charismatic horse

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Hey, Hollywood! So you’re thinking of making a sequel to The Departed and you’ve already got a second installment of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle in the works? Well, EW wants to get in on the game. Just read, greenlight, and give our agent a call.

THE PITCH My Blue Heaven in a buggy THE CAST Harrison Ford, Lukas Haas, Rachel Bilson, Jackie Earle Haley, and a very charismatic horse THE PLOT Scarred by the events in the 1985 original, Samuel Lapp (Haas) has fallen into sin, selling deadly bootleg hooch to minors. Samuel dodges prison by ratting out his supplier, Moses ”The Mo’ Rave-ian” Arnheiter (Haley), and enters the Amish Witness Protection Program, which gives him a new identity in Philly. Baffled by cars, TiVo, and irony, he turns to the only familiar face in town: retired cop John Book (Ford), whose daughter (Bilson) really raises Lapp’s barn. The wayward Amish man has never been happier. That’s until one day, when Mo’, fresh out of the clink, learns of Lapp’s whereabouts. He then streaks toward the city as fast as his tricked-out draft horse Jingles can carry him, and…well, we don’t want to ruin it for you. THE TAGLINE ”The simple life just got a whole lot more complicated.”