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Quick! How excited are you for the return of 'Lost'?

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Newsflash, PopWatchers, just in case you hadn’t heard: Lost (re)premieres tonight! Yay! And let me tell you, I’m getting ready. Been refreshing myself on the show by reading Scott Brown’s awesome guide to where everything left off. Been getting my geek back on by soaking in Jeff Jensen’s rocking Q&A with Lost exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Just returned from Costco, where I bought one of those economy-sized packages of Orville Redenbacher’s. Finished all my laundry so I won’t have any distractions at 10 o’clock tonight. You, too, huh?

Well, man, I had forgotten what a tough, tiring, consuming job it is, being a Lost fan! It’s been so long. In fact, I wonder: Has it been too long? I mean, I’ve forgotten all about it, and I certainly wasn’t, let’s say, stumbling around my house screaming “Walt!” all the time. I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure how much I missed the show during its hiatus. Also, I’ve changed a lot during the past several months. I’m a different person now. I have tons more time. These days, I actually do my laundry. These days, I actually spell out the word “rocking.” But back when Lost was airing last fall and I was so busy being a fanboy, there were days when I had to wear my socks inside out — and I always shortened it to “rockin'” to save a few seconds. Besides, I had started getting excited about the April 8 return of The Sopranos. It’s tough to be pumped about too many returning shows at once, you know.

So am I ready for the show to come back? I mean, really ready? Are you? When I read Cuse say that, “there are a couple Easter eggs embedded” in tonight’s episode, part of me gets psyched and part of me groans, like when I head off to the gym at 6:45 in the morning. And as Cuse goes on, saying, “Whether or not you learn more … will depend on how obsessive youare. If you enjoy recording the program and studying individual frames, you might. But really, is that healthy?” all I can think is: My point exactly, Carlton, my point exactly.