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Tara Reid

The only noteworthy thing about the nonsensical, no-budget horror film Incubus is that it was billed as the first download-to-own movie when it was released exclusively online last Halloween. The derivative plot begins after a car accident (which the filmmakers evidently didn’t have the money to shoot) strands a group of college students in the mountains of Montana. They find shelter — and later become trapped — in an abandoned laboratory with a deranged murderer who’s able to enter their minds once they fall asleep. Tara Reid (pictured) gives a Razzie-worthy performance, laughably crying in one scene and trying to be Rambo in the next; one of the co-eds inexplicably disappears for 95 percent of the movie, and the killings lack even the slightest bit of creativity (in the age of Saw and Hostel, a hammer to the head just doesn’t cut it). For a low-budget horror flick done right, stick with The Evil Dead. EXTRAS Mercifully, none. D