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Call it 'Indiana Jones and the Long Wait Till '08'

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Hey, good lookin’! What you got cookin’? Got any plans for Memorial Day 2008? Wanna go to the movies with me that day? You do? Great! Because I know what I want to see: the next Indiana Jones movie. If you’re really in, lemme know, because I think we should probably buy our tickets early.

Oh, I jest — though maybe not the part about reserving seats in advance. Certainly, the film (which Paramount calls The Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures) is going to be a white-hot ticket when it opens on May 22, 2008. That’s the Thursday before Memorial Day, a.k.a. the same day on which highly anticipated blockbusters with words like Star Wars and Matrix in their titles have debuted in recent years. Considering the two-decade wait and all the starts and stops and, you know, Harrison Ford’s 64th birthday, fans everywhere are clamoring to see what happens to Indy in his advanced years. Maybe the Nazis poison his Centrum Silver. (Oh, if Paramount actually uses that, I’m going to go all Buchwald on their ass!)

But will The Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures crack a whip on the competition? I mean, I’m psyched, but the franchise is awfully old: Folks born when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade premiered are now entering college. And, amazingly enough, we already know that Speed Racer is due the same weekend, while Iron Man and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian are set to open in the preceding weeks. Will they keep our hero from tracking down his latest treasure at the box office?