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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

Honoring an Idol
James Brown should have been on the cover (#915)… Instead, I’m left to chew on American Idol‘s Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell — about as tasty a dish as wet cardboard.
Kim Lanclos
Opelousas, La.

Grand Dames
Your cover with Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, and Meryl Streep (#916) was shockingly powerful and makes one proud to be a woman! It’s on my fridge. I hope this wisdom and power of full-grown women doesn’t come and go like a pebble in the ocean.
Lauren Hutton
Venice, Calif.

Thanks for the interview with a group of classy actresses (“Silver Streak”). With all the faux movie stars around, it’s nice to see people who make films because of a real passion for acting. Mirren, Dench, and Streep truly deserve the admiration they’ve received over the years.
Chelsea Dutchak
Burlington, Ontario

Scheduling Conflict
Regarding Mark Harris’ column (#916, The Final Cut) about why moving up the Academy Awards was a bad idea: Mr. Harris goes into a long discourse on how shortening the Oscar season has resulted in all kinds of real and imagined disaster scenarios. The thrust of his argument seems to be that Academy members don’t have enough time to see all the movies, and therefore make uninformed choices. For the record, I have been a proud member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for almost 30 years, and despite a somewhat busy schedule, I have had no problem watching all the movies that have been singled out for Academy consideration, most of which I’ve made a point of seeing in theaters.

Trying to curb the circus-like atmosphere that had begun to creep into the Academy season was and is a good thing. Before the schedule was changed, the proliferation of ”wannabe” awards shows had reached an untenable level, with many copycats dressing up their shows in a fake patina of artistic achievement when all they really were about was profit. Furthermore, to my knowledge, no filmmaker, executive, or actor has agreed with Mr. Harris’ assessment of the new Academy calendar.

The Academy Award remains the most prestigious honor that our industry can bestow on an artist; any and all efforts to maintain its integrity and status should be applauded, not attacked or second-guessed.
Jeffrey Katzenberg
CEO DreamWorks Animation Glendale, Calif.

Due to a technical error, Forest Whitaker’s first name was misspelled on covers of a number of copies of issue #918/919 (Feb. 2). Alpha Dog is a Universal release (#916, Movies).