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What should happen to Ed Helms' character on 'The Office'?

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You wouldn’t want him anywhere near you. But do you still want him on your TV? Ed Helms, who plays the annoying, over-the-top Andy Bernard, has been promoted to series regular on The Office. I have to say, even though I enjoy Helms himself, his character is damn near intolerable. I understand that it’s intentional, and that the steady rise of Andy’s obnoxiousness = our chance to suddenly view Steve Carell’s regional manager Michael Scott as the more normal, well-adjusted straight man, which I must admit I found thrilling. For one ep. But how long can that last? Doesn’t the show thrive on Michael being the weird one? And will they keep writing Andy into a corner, or can he undergo some tough-love personal growth, preferably administered by Angela with a side of Stanley?

I’m hoping for at least some personality change, because right now it hurts to watch him, and not in a “… so good” way. I also feel like Andy was portrayed as more self-aware at the beginning of the season—remember his deliberate plan to mimic Michael? That was much funnier and not so in-your-face. Andy started out like some mildly tasty Benihana; now he’s like a rancid batch of McNuggets at 11:55 on a Sunday night. So I hope the writers will at least revive his conscience. What do you guys think?