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Even Colts fans gotta love SNL's 'Da Bears,' no?

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Da Bears are playing in da Super Bowl dis weekend! Yay! In honor of the team’s first trip to the big game in 21 years, it’s time for us to revel in this classic from the SNL hall of fame. (Ah, Gad bless ya, Smigel.)

Yes, this is the first time the Monsters of the Midway have played for the NFL championship since the recurring “Bill Swerski’s Superfans” sketch injected the phase “Da Bears” into the lexicon in 1991. Gotta love it. Wait—you do have to love it, right? I ask because I’ve noticed a solid dose of anti-Bears vitriol on this here blog, and that makes me wonder: Can you be a fan of wee Peyton Manning’s Colts and still love this little nugget of beer-swigging brilliance? Are, say, Yankees fanatics automatically anti-Fever Pitch? Must Packers die-hards loathe the great Brian’s Song? I hope not. Hell, I’m a Michigan Wolverines man, my blood is actually colored maize and blue, and I still dig Rudy and Notre Dame/Ohio State rooter Vince Vaughn. So where, friends, does the devotion end and the fun begin? What piece of entertainment do you admit to liking against every fiber of your sports-fan being?