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Who should die on 'Heroes'?

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151423__mohinder_lIn TV Guide‘s latest story on Heroes, series creator and executive producer Tim Kring reveals that a regular character, “someone who has been with the show from the very beginning,” will pay the ultimate price during February sweeps. And while I’ll be shocked (and shaken) if he’s planning to off one of my favorites (like Hiro or Nathan or Micah), there’s one player in particular whose death would be cause for celebration — the waffling, whiny Mohinder Suresh (he of the ludicrous dream sequences), who is coincidentally portrayed by the cast’s most wooden actor, Sendhil Ramamurthy (pictured)

Every time the guy pops up on my screen, I recall the words of my colleague Dawnie Walton: “Someone is Mo-hindering my ability to enjoy the show!” Seriously, one minute Mohinder is dropping everything to head to America and complete his father’s work, the next he’s decided it’s all a bunch of bunk. He’s supposedly paranoid about keeping the heroes’ identities out of the wrong hands, and yet he keeps a list of their names and a map of their whereabouts in an apartment that might as well be dubbed Break-in Central. The only constant is his droning, insipid voice-over narration. Plus, with the way Ramamurthy delivers his lines like he’s the third banana in a bad high-school production, I always find myself drifting off to the happy place during Mohinder’s scenes. So yes, in the Heroes‘ death pool, the man has got my vote. Are you with me? Or if you were Tim Kring, would you choose to exterminate a different character?

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