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Wedding Daze

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When Isla Fisher attacked Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, she stole more than his dignity — she also walked away with the title of Great Up-and-Coming Comic Actress. This summer Fisher, 31, woos us with roles as the sweet foil to Andy Samberg’s bumbling biker in Hot Rod (Aug. 3) and then as a woman who marries a stranger in Wedding Daze (Aug. 17).

How does Katie in Wedding Daze compare with Gloria in Wedding Crashers?
Katie is a normal girl who lives a repressed life in the suburbs. Whereas Gloria is basically a bipolar nymphomaniac.

Which character is closer to you?
Oh, no, no. Neither. But playing a normal, healthy person is not as interesting as someone who is broken or complicated.

Now that you’ve done two ”wedding” movies, have you learned any lessons for your own impending nuptials?
I know if I see Vince or Owen, they are not going to crash my wedding.