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Scott Brown's hit list

The 10 hottest topics for the week of February 2, 2007

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Scott Brown’s hit list

1 James Franco wishes Lindsay Lohan well after flap over alleged dis He also suggested she check herself, lest she wreck herself, then snapped and sashayed off.

2 Suzanne Somers reveals, ”All my jewelry burned up” in Malibu wildfire Vows Somers: ”No more paper jewelry!”

3 O.J. book leaked in Newsweek Among the revelations: a great recipe for pancakes O.J. never made — but if he had, this is how he would have made them.

4 Sharon Stone’s ”lopsided breasts” get Razzie nom for Worst Screen Couple Righty Tighty will accept on behalf of the ailing Lefty Loosey.

5 Michael Madsen says he smashed his cell phone with a hammer Explained the actor, ”Thing was talkin’ to me.”

6 Martha Stewart tries to trademark name of N.Y. town Something about Imcloneville just makes her want to own it.

7 Ex-sex club owner says he’ll reveal all of his Hollywood clientele And — heads up, ALF — he’s going alphabetically.

8 Brangelina raises awareness about New Orleans by moving into $3.5 million French Quarter mansion If their aim was to highlight the obscene wealth gap, mission accomplished.

9 Today to get fourth hour Somehow, NBC says, this will result in even less screen time for Ann Curry.

10 Leonardo DiCaprio feared being a ”piece of cute meat” So he opted to be the artful garnish you push around the plate.