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'O.C.' Deathwatch: Julie's engagement offers are a-blooming

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Oc_scott_flowers_lBefore I begin another chapter of the Trail of Tears, let’s all say hi to my high school friend from the Chicago ‘burbs, Scott (pictured), who played the flower delivery guy last night! How cute is he? As usual, I’d been way lax about reading MySpace bulletins, so I had no clue this was coming. Imagine, two of my great loves — The O.C. and People I Enjoy In Person — colliding on-screen! And his line went like this: “Julie Cooper?” It took me a good half hour to recover from the wonder of it all.

Anyway. the episode. Not lovin’ everything. Major offenders: Che, Taylor’s unnecessary and over-the-top therapist, Che’s meditation, the sudden advanced-stages love triangle among Julie, Frank, and Bullit, Che’s new moonchild/groundhog girlfriend, and finally, Che. But whatever. It’s fun looking at Che if you don’t bother listening to, or processing whatever’s going on with, him.

Plenty to dig, though. Kiki is pregnant! Agghhh! This is awesome. Iwish they’d devoted more of the ep to that and the other characters’reactions. There’s time for that, I guess. BUT NOT ENOUGH. Taylor andRyan’s Darth Vader-esque co-stalking (“What are you wearing?”) thrilledme to my molten-chocolatey core. Sandy’s mail truck surprise played outperfectly, especially because we didn’t know what he was hunting aroundNewport for, either. My most-appreciated tiny detail was in Kaitlin’se-mail to Bullit: ”I’m so excited your coming home.” Ha! Ofcourse she’d F that up. And as usual, my fave line of the night was anaside that had nothing to do with the plot — when Che asked Seth if heliked Sno Cones, and he replied, “My favorite flavor is cherry, but mydad’s is blueberry.” Hee! He threw in a chuckle over the word dad’s for no reason.

Aww. I’m choking up. Somebody get me a fresh marg! What did you think about last night?