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Found: Clips of the Kevin Costner Band!

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Ask, and you shall receive… yet another reason to love the Internet! Thank you, PopWatcher WendyD, who attended the Kevin Costner Band concert at the Field of Dreams site in Iowa last summer and wasn’t afraid to admit it. She posted these clips for us last night. Granted, I’m home sick and on a bit of a NyQuil bender, but I’d have to say “The Fabulous Miss Fabulous” (featuring Lisa Loeb) doesn’t entirely suck. It’s a rockin’ enough rhythm, and shows that Costner’s voice can have inflection. I’m a sucker for the fiddle (even when I’m sober), so I genuinely enjoyed the music behind the sap-tacular “Porch Song.” Kevin’s earnest intro, however… “It’s kind of a sweet song. It’s for a lot of mommies out there and girls that are gonna be mommies. It’s a song you might sing when you’re on the porch, about those special women.” I wish WendyD would have recorded the entire song “Promised Land” because the line “Once we played tennis, made weekend plans/Hey, once this was the Promised Land” left me wanting more. While his voice isn’t anything to write about (if it wasn’t coming out of that mouth,that is), it’s not bad enough to keep you from enjoying the chorus of his songs about getting home to Iowa and the fourth of July. (Note: I’m also a sucker for Iowa — just look that sky — and the fourth of July.) Yet the most enjoyable of WendyD’s clips is “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.” As she points out, Kev fully expects the crowd to know the words and sing along and… they don’t. Still, he gets a nice round of applause. How loudly would you have clapped?