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The Deal Report: February 2, 2007

The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

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+ Will Smith will star in Tonight, He Comes, a ”superhero love story,” according to director Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights). Smith ”plays a womanizing, alcoholic, chain-smoking” crime fighter with ”image problems,” says Berg. ”He’s an angry dude.” Seriously? ”Will is usually the nice guy. This is his opportunity to stretch.” Smith’s love interest: Charlize Theron, whose character is married to — Arrested Development cast reunion alert! — Jason Bateman. In other Smith news, he’s also producing a biopic about tennis great Arthur Ashe. Says the film’s leading man, Nick Cannon (Bobby): ”It’s the young Ashe in his prime.”

+ Spider-Man 3 hits theaters in May, but producers are already putting out feelers for No. 4. They’ve approached writer David Koepp, who penned 2002’s Spidey flick, for the job. But contracts still need to be hammered out for the cast (including Tobey Maguire) as well as director Sam Raimi.