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'Brothers & Sisters': Shots with Sally Field!

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I will not say Brothers & Sisters is the best show on television. I probably wouldn’t even put it in my top 10. But I’ll say this: On Sunday nights at 10, when the weekend is waning and the dreaded workweek looms like larger than Jennifer Hudson’s presence in Dreamgirls, there’s something comfortably awesome about escaping with the kooky drama of the family Walker — and in particular Sally Field’s meddling, maddening matriarch Nora.

I was howling last night watching her demand to know “Where did they hide the booze?” for her sixtieth birthday bash — hot-junkie son Justin was home from rehab, turning it into a dry event — and later, down covert shots with big brother Saul (Ron Rifkin). And the show’s writers really nail the truth that no one can get under your skin quite like your own mom: Whether she’s driving Tommy crazy by referring to his wife’s “fetus” or batting her eyelashes at Kitty’s charming Senator boss, Nora rings wonderfully true. (Speaking of irksome moms, how delicious was it to see Nora’s own mother show up, in the person of Marion “Mrs. C.” Ross?)

Bonus points to the series for the surprisingly funny romance between Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and closeted, Spicoli-slang-speaking soap actor Chad Berry (Jason Lewis). “Let’s retire ‘bro’ from the bedroom,” was last night’s best line. Sure, timeslot rival Battlestar Galactica‘s the better show, but it’s way way way too intense to watch it right before the butterfly is supposed to land on my hand; that’s why from now on, it’ll be a Monday at 8 DVR pleasure, while B&S wins the live-viewing showdown.