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Who's who on ''The Amazing Race: All Stars''

A preview of the upcoming season’s teams to beat

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Who’s who on ”The Amazing Race: All Stars”

Kevin and Drew

Season 1’s lovable bald lunks exported Noo Yawk attitude all around the planet.

Why they’ll win

Locals may find their good-natured meatheadedness endearing and want to help them out.

Why they won’t

Incessant bickering is entertaining to viewers, but it’s a bad strategy for getting a Fast Forward.

Finish line

They were fun to watch and sad to see go — which might well happen again.

Charla and Mirna

Four-foot-tall Charla became a legend after hauling 50 pounds of meat on her back in season 5.

Why they’ll win

Smart and driven, they are the definition of underestimated.

Why they won’t

Whining cousin Mirna is often less focused on the Race than on keeping her mascara fresh for meeting host Phil Keoghan.

Finish line

If Charla can lug that meat, she can carry Mirna. But for a whole race?

Rob and Amber

The despised Survivor lovebirds introduced manipulation to the Race in season 7.

Why they’ll win

Being loathed by other teams only makes Rob more powerful.

Why they won’t

These reality TV perennials might get distracted from the game while filling out applications for Big Brother and Dancing With the Stars.

Finish line

Sorry, haters: Romber is, as usual, the team to beat.

Dave and Mary

Last season’s small-town coal miner and his sharp-tongued but loving wife.

Why they’ll win

Karma’s on their side after they stayed loyal to their hopeless ”Six Pack” alliance.

Why they won’t

That kindness-over-progress mentality won’t help a perpetually slow team.

Finish line

After losing Race they were given a house and SUV by The View, so does winning even matter?