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Ranking those 'Men in Trees'

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Jason_lFor those of you still resisting the charm of this show, let me reiterate, Men in Trees does not, in fact, suck. But I am willing to admit the following. In recent weeks, Jack (James Tupper), the main love interest for Marin (Anne Heche), has been upstaged by two more charismatic fellows: Marin’s New York publisher Stuart (Jason O’Mara, pictured with Heche), who seriously needs to fly into Elmo All.The.Time., and Plow Guy (Ty Olsson), who really should keep boinking Marin’s agent, Jane (Seana Kofoed).

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m all about Stuart at the moment. And this Irish actor Jason O’Mara, who I’ve seen before in…absolutely nothing. We’re about to begin the Google-phase of our relationship, he and I. Anyone else wanna fight me for him?

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