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Rumor Me This: McConaughey as Magnum?

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Magnum_lCasting rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt — you never know if that “exclusive!” is actually coming from an over-eager publicist or attention-desperate celeb or a fanboy with a hyperactive imagination. (Furthermore, actors are loath to discuss deals that have yet to be sealed, lest they piss off a producer or something and lose the part).

That said, the following two casting tidbits are too fascinating to ignore: First up is Matthew McConaughey (pictured, left) as Magnum, P.I. in an adaptation of the ’80s TV series. The (unconfirmed) word is that Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber has finished polishing up a redraft of the long-gestating script and all but selected his players, which, in addition to McConaughey, are said to include Steve Zahn as barkeep Rick, Tyrese Gibson as chopper pilot T.C., and William H. Macy as prissy caretaker Higgins. Though die-hard fans are trying to make the case that Tom Selleck (pictured, right) isn’t that old and should reprise the part himself, I think McConaughey’s a decent choice for a revamp. Besides, anyone who’s picked up a gossip mag in the last year knows that he can totally rock the facial hair.

addCredit(“Matthew McConaughey: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images; MAGNUM P.I.: Everett Collection”)

Also hitting the rumor mill is talk concerning Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City sequel. Namely, that Angelina Jolie is supposedly out as Ava Lord, a.k.a. the sexpot “Dame to Kill For” who’s at the heart of the story, and Rachel Weisz is in. Now, I’m not a graphic novel expert by any means, but Ava is consistently described as a manipulative chick with a innocent facade on most of the websites I’ve clicked though, and Weisz definitely seems sultry and actress-y enough to make the role her own.

But what say you? Would you see go to see either of these adaptations if the rumors prove true?