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Meet Kevin Federline, insurance salesman

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Kfed_lWith rumors of a possible $15 million settlement from Britney still hanging in the Marlboro-scented air, Kevin Federline isn’t wasting any time earning his own cash. As his reps confirm for EW.com, based on a dribble of gossip from Page Six over the weekend, Fed-Ex will be appearing in a Super Bowl commercial — though not for the expected shipping company from which he takes his post-Spears nickname. Instead, he’s got Nationwide Insurance on his side, and will no doubt be poking some good-natured fun at his somewhat tarnished reputation as a recording artist.

As BritBrit continues her downward spiral of pantyless partying and “spa” retreats, will Kevin emerge as the classier of the pair? If he can manage to make light of himself gracefully, a la George Hamilton, Little Richard, fellow Nationwide pitchman MC Hammer, and other pop culture goofballs who’ve managed to amuse us in recent ads, we’re thinking… maybe, just maybe. But that still doesn’t mean “Popozao” is forgiven, dude.

addCredit(“Kevin Federline: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)