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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

Trigger ‘Happyness’
Excitement doesn’t get more genuine than with the ”Will Power!” cover story. Anything Will Smith touches turns to gold, as this talented actor makes the Pursuit of Happyness that much easier for moviegoers.
Caleb Garcia
Calabasas, Calif.

Read All About It
Does Stephen King only read books by white, male Americans and the occasional Brit (The Pop of King)? I am happy to loan him books by women or Chicanos or South Africans or Indians — shipping and handling free of charge.
Elizabeth Lucy Conway
Washington, D.C.

Chuck’s Beef
Chuck Lorre, the ”angriest man in television” (”It Hurts to Laugh”)?! Not even close. Just FYI, most of American comedy — in fact, the entire entertainment industry — is fueled by a vast, infinite sea of white-hot, churning human bile. Chuck’s vitriol is but a drop in that ocean. Is Mr. Lorre the angriest man in television? He’s not even the angriest man on the Warner lot.
Jon Cryer
Los Angeles

Digging the Digits
Loved that the first look at 24 (News & Notes) was actually on page 24!
Kevin L. Kohls
Lawrence, Kan.

Mega Watts
Thanks for giving Naomi Watts a little attention (Spotlight). She has given some of the most memorable onscreen performances (see 21 Grams, Mulholland Drive, King Kong), and doesn’t get nearly as much credit as she deserves. Watts’ return to independent films is welcomed with open arms. And oh, yeah, where’s her Oscar?
Michael Koutros

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx plays bass and Mick Mars plays guitar (News & Notes).


By the time you read this, David Pilch of Ware, Mass., will have taken down his Christmas tree. We’re sorry, make that his…Star Trek Christmas tree. ”He’s been collecting the Hallmark ornaments since they first came out over 10 years ago,” writes his wife Ellen. (We imagine with rolled eyes.) She also tells us that David owns ST mugs, snow globes, puzzles — even a Pfaltzgraff place setting. Beam us up, Scotty. And hurry.