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Trying in vain not to totally geek out all over the new Apple goodies

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Hold on, I’ve got to catch my breath — trying to keep up with the cavalcade of super-cool products Apple just announced at the Macworld convention is exhausting, in that the geek centers of my brain are on total overload. (Bottom line: lots of shiny, new ways for you to carry around movies, TV shows, and music in your pocket.) Okay, here goes:

First, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Apple was adding the Paramount Pictures catalog to its small roster of movies available for download on iTunes (Geek Alert No. 1: Star Trek movies on your iPod!).

Next, there’s Apple TV, a cute little box available next month that connects to your TV and can play all the TV shows, movies, music and photos you’ve downloaded from iTunes. No more hunching over your laptop to catch that episode of The Office you forgot to TiVo last week — now you can wirelessly zip it to the Apple TV box and watch it on your big screen TV.

That pales in comparison, however, to what was probably Apple’s biggest, most innovative, slap-me-in-the-face-awesome product since the very first iPod: the iPhone.

Folks, seriously, I haven’t the space or the mental capacity tocover all the amazingness of this gorgeously thin gadget — it’s aphone, it’s an iPod, it does e-mail, it browses the Web, it takespictures, all with a (Geek Alert No. 2) newfangled technologycalled Multi-Touch that allows the phone to have just a single physicalbutton. (In other words… say goodbye to your Blackberry!) The onlydownside: The phone, which will be exclusive to Cingular Wireless,isn’t available until June.

For more detailed info, check out Engadget’s live-blog of Steve Jobs’ keynote address announcing all these products, or check out Apple’s own website.Then feel free to post below what you think Apple will come up withnext. Me, I’m expecting Jobs & Co. to cook up anoven-slash-refrigerator-slash-iPod-slash-best-friend that can read yourthoughts, cook you a nutritionally balanced meal and providescintillating dinner table conversation, all while Coldplay burbles inthe background.