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The 10 Commandments according to 'Grey's Anatomy'

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Grey_lSo did you hear about the Atlanta-area church doing a five-part Sunday series on morality as it relates to Grey’s Anatomy? (If my hometown congregation were that hip, I might stop inciting my nieces and nephews to misbehave during holiday masses and pay attention for once!) “Even though I don’t like the show and don’t agree with the morals of some of the characters, it is the No. 1 show in that age group [18 to 35],” says Dr. Richard Hunter, pastor of Snellville United Methodist Church. “And if that many young people are watching it, I should be talking about the issues raised on the show.” (Perhaps he means issues like personal hygiene, as addressed by McDreamy and Meredith in the photo at left.)

Now, heaven help Dr. Hunter if he’s looking to PopWatch for assistance with his sermons, but reading about his efforts to reach the highly coveted 18-35 demographic — by the way, does no one care about the 65-and-up set anymore? No? — gave me a flash of inspiration… to whip up an additional batch of 10 commandments, Grey’s style.

11. Thou shall not allow thy children (literal or figurative) to get out of hand. (Miranda Bailey)
12. Thou shall not committ adultery — short-term or long-term — with anyone who could be described as a McSteamy. (Addison Montgomery-Shepherd and Callie Torres)
13. Thou shall try not to be so consistently grating when providing thy voiceover commentaries. (Meredith Grey)
14. Thou shall not (temporarily) kill thy significant other — even if the end goal is to score him or her an organ transplant. (Izzie Stevens)
15. Though shall not bear false withness about thy palsied hand. (Preston Burke)
16. Thou shall stop being a workaholic. (Richard Webber)
17. Thou shall not covet thy recently bereaved ex. (Alex Karev)
18. Thou shall not use fried chicken to woo a woman. (George O’Malley)
19. Thou shall continue to amuse with thy patented brand of bitchery. (Cristina Yang)
20. Thou shall stop lurking in the elevators. (Derek Shepherd)

So there you have it, PopWatchers. Can any of you think of additional Grey’s commandments? And what other shows could pastors use to inspired their flocks? (See you in hell!)

addCredit(“Grey’s Anatomy: Karen Neal/ABC”)