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Is ''The Wicker Man'' worth the upgrade?

EW reviews the original and special editions of ”The Wicker Man”

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Is ”The Wicker Man” worth the upgrade?

Most previous DVDs featured The Wicker Man Enigma, a doc detailing the film’s production and subsequent editing-room mutilation. But save a 2001 limited edition, they didn’t offer an extended version restoring the 11 minutes of excised footage that still exists. (The rest of the snipped material, legend has it, was used as landfill during the construction of a U.K. highway.)

Two discs boast Enigma, the short and long cuts, and commentary with actors Christopher Lee (right) and Edward ”The Equalizer” Woodward, and director Robin Hardy.

The entertaining commentary finds horror vet Lee still railing against what befell Wicker three decades on. But since the film actually retains its atmospheric power — even in truncated form — you might consider saving your cash…unless you intend to spend it on Neil LaBute’s 2006 diabolical-in-all-the-wrong-ways remake.