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Who is Sandra Palmer?

We give you the background on this ”24” character

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Regina King

FIRST APPEARANCE Episode 2, season 6

WHAT’S HER STORY? The sister of President Wayne Palmer, Sandra is a smart, spirited lawyer representing the Islamic American Alliance; she’s upset that the government is rounding up Middle Easterners living in the U.S. (including her boyfriend) and placing them in detention centers after a new wave of terrorist attacks. ”She’s the voice of reason to her brother,” explains King (Ray). ”She’s like, ‘Dude, keep your eyes open. In order to get to the bottom of this, you really need to not alienate yourself from all the possible avenues that can help you.”’

WHAT THE PRODUCERS SAY ”One of the biggest premises we cover this year is: How much of the Constitution are we protecting in the name of security?” notes Gordon. ”Wayne is caught between his sister’s point of view and [Chief of Staff] Thomas Lennox’s point of view.”

LEGAL TRAINING King says she has twice before raised objections on TV — in the 1999 Lifetime movie Where the Truth Lies, and in a failed ABC dramedy pilot (Women in Law) earlier this year. ”I was destined to be a lawyer in 2007 by hook or crook,” she says, adding: ”All my life people have said, ‘You need to be a lawyer. You will argue a point to the end.’ If I really believe that I’m right, you’re not going to win.”

DREAM 24 MOMENT King would like to be in a ”gritty, grimy scene with Kiefer…. I’d get to L.A. within six hours, find Jack — because he needs my help for whatever reason — and I’ve got to pull him out of this situation, and in order for me to pull him out, I’ve got to bite a finger off. And then I save the day.”