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Who is Chloe O'Brian?

We give you the background on this ”24” character

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Mary Lynn Rajskub

WHAT’S HER STORY? A senior analyst at CTU, Chloe is a cyber-savant: In the time it takes you to read this sentence, she can hack into three top secret government databases and pay her utility bills online. While she’s hardly a joy to work with — alternating between cranky, impatient, and downright rude — Chloe has proved loyal to a fault, frequently jeopardizing her job by bailing Jack out of trouble with ill-gotten intel.

BEST SCENE In season 4, she was ordered away from the mainframe and into the field to unlock some computer files at a suspect’s house. When her support agents were killed during the mission, Chloe fled to a CTU vehicle, grabbed an automatic rifle, and blew away an attacking gunman. (She upped her cred in season 5 when she stun-gunned a dude who came on to her in a bar. Twice.)