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This season's gaydar-related shows

This season’s gaydar-related shows — How ”Gay, Straight or Taken?” and other shows are exploiting our ability to guess the gay

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This season’s gaydar-related shows

Lifetime, 2007

Concept A single girl must guess which of three handsome fellas is into men, macking, or matrimony. If she chooses correctly, the lucky lady wins a vacation with the single straight man. If not, the gays or the marrieds take the trip.

Straight Talk ”It’s really hard to turn on a girl in a downward-dog pose,” says bachelor Chris, as he and date Jenner take part in a yoga class.

Outing Technique Jenner checks the three guys’ cars for status clues. Alas, the most suspicious item she can find is a dirty squeegee.

Fox, 2004

Concept Romance-deprived Jackie picks her beloved from a gaggle of men, some of whom are queer as folk. Picking a hetero will ensure her victory and a $1 million prize.

Straight Talk ”It blows my mind that some of you are gay!” says ‘dar-impaired Jackie. Apparently, no one told her she was on a show called Playing It Straight.

Outing Technique Jackie awkwardly makes out with a bunch of the guys, thinking the gay ones will opt out of the smoochfest. They don’t.

Bravo, 2003

Concept Single gay man James must find his true love among a group of 15 men. One problem: Not all are playing for the team in rainbow uniforms. He must choose correctly to win — you guessed it — a swanky vacation.

Straight Talk ”I’ve been fondling you, basically, for 10 minutes,” comments James, after a dance challenge with one contestant. ”Let’s go sit down and talk.”

Outing Technique Field trip to the zoo! Because we all know that heterosexuals are afraid of turtles. That should weed them out.