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Oscars 2017
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Our Favorite Scene: Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce

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Everyone loves a catfight, and Golden Globe nominees Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé took much pleasure in staging one for Dreamgirls. ”It’s an angry scene,” says Hudson, 25, of her and Beyoncé’s most memorable moment: the musical number in which Hudson’s Effie realizes she’s been betrayed and replaced with another singer in the Dreams. ”I thought it was going to be draining, but it was completely the opposite. In between takes, Beyoncé would be like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,’ and when they would say, ‘Action!’ we’d be all serious.” Adds Beyoncé, also 25: ”We were nervous because it was such a long, emotional scene with so many different shots. But there was so much energy! All of us felt like we were really acting.”