The Hulk: ILM
EW Staff
January 03, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST


WHAT’D IT MAKE? $132 million

COOL SPECIAL FEATURES Xbox owners should get their trigger fingers ready: The DVD to Ang Lee’s take on the Marvel man-beast will include a playable level from The Hulk game. Non Xboxers will have to settle for a documentary showing Lee acting out the Hulk‘s scenes while wearing a motion-capture suit. Oscar-winning director smash!

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN (AND AGAIN)? Maybe, with heavy remote-control use. Click past all the psychodrama, and find the parts where the Hulk takes on radioactive dogs, the entire U.S. military, and an oh-so-evil Josh Lucas. Just don’t skip Nick Nolte’s scenery-chomping performance (except for the part where he turns into a giant cloud of energy and tries to eat the planet — or whatever).

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