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Snap judgment: Katharine McPhee's new music

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McpheeKatharine McPhee’s MySpace page has sneak previews of four tracks from her self-titled debut CD (due Jan. 30), and they’ve prompted a PopWatch feud between writers Helin Jung and Michael Slezak. Check out their saucy tit for tat, listen to McPhee’s music, then weigh in with your own opinion on “Over It,” “Love Story,” “Each Other,” and “Open Toes.”Jung: OMG! Have you heard Katharine McPhee’s new songs on her MySpace page? They’re so JoJo — in a good way.Slezak: If by that you mean this music could be mistaken for a demo from one of the Pussycat Dolls’ 14 backup singers, then yes, she’s a great success.Jung: Precisely…she’s stunning, in a Barbie sort of way…she has a great voice, but not a lot of pizzazz, so she’s not threatening…it’s all very easy to digest.Slezak: Look, I know I’m biased…I was never a McPhan during her Idol days, but “Over It” is so completely forgettable. Her voice has absolutely no personality, and it disappears on the lower notes. And, if you’ll allow me to nitpick for a second about grammar, when she says “your eyes…I’m over it,” it ought to be “your eyes…I’m over them.”Jung: Fair enough, I hated her barefoot prancing and that crazy lay-on-the-floor version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” too. However, girl went through an eating disorder and some throat malfunction before she got to this album…I say give her some props.Slezak: I don’t care about her backstory, and frankly, even though she was far from my favorite Idol, this material is beneath her.Jung: Mike! Did you not hear “Open Toes”?Slezak: Exactly…”Open Toes” is the WORST. For some reason, it makes me think of old, worn-out shoes that are starting to smell bad.Jung: Now you’re just being mean.Slezak: Seriously, those lyrics? “Wear ’em all day and listen to the click-clack/ Shoes like this make me hate flats”? WHA?Jung: LOL, okay, okay you win on that one. But it’s very danceable, and nobody’s listening to the lyrics of “Hood Boy” either.Slezak: Oh I know she didn’t just mention ‘Tasia!Jung: Mmmhmm. It’s like that.Slezak: Right after I made a resolution not to write about her again in ’06? Vicious.Jung: If you’re gonna dish it out…Slezak: Touché. But I can’t help feel like “Open Toes” rips off Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels,” except it uses a recycled synth line from the waning days of Paula Abdul’s music career. Where are the big notes? Where’s any hint of Kat’s vocal range?Jung: She has to save some of her goodies — which is something she hints at with the album-cover photo (pictured). Britney could take a lesson from Katharine.Slezak: Indeed, I appreciate she’s not giving anyone a tour of her nether-regions. The girl has some class. And her boots are made for walkin’.Jung: Mike, she’s the anti-Britney! And her bumblebee costume is really cute.Slezak: True, and she’s gorgeous without looking like a stick figure. Okay, I like Katharine McPhee!Jung: Me too. [Logs off]Slezak: Just not any of the new songs on her MySpace page.