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The worst shows of 2006

Elton John’s ”Lestat” and a Johnny Cash revue make the list

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1. The Times They Are A-Changin’
The only show ever to feature a blow-up doll and a contortionist — and Bob Dylan music and Twyla Tharp dancing to boot. (Don’t forget the trampoline!) Suddenly, songs like ”Everything Is Broken” made sense.

2. Lestat
We were flying high from Elton John’s electric Brit hit Billy Elliot. Then we saw Lestat. Did John’s show put a stake in the heart of the vampire musical? Pretty please, with garlic on top?

3. Ring of Fire
A misbegotten Broadway revue of Johnny Cash songs — complete with line dancing — that would’ve seemed hokey even in Branson, Mo.

4. Almost, Maine
This Northern Exposure-like Off Broadway rom-com was almost tolerable. And it almost ran a whole two months.

5. The Threepenny Opera
The show was a torpid Brechtian blur. Thank goodness for Isaac Mizrahi’s Heatherette- meets-Trash and Vaudeville duds. Can’t wait to see Cyndi Lauper’s corset at Target!