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Rodrigo y Gabriela: Our favorite coed flamenco guitar duo of the week

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154914__rodrigo_lAround here, we tend to limit our flamenco experience to that Best of the Gipsy Kings comp every vaguely exotic restuarant seems to cement into their sound system. But  coed flamenco guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela (they’re Mexican by birth, and based in Dublin, Ireland) are, quite frankly, blowing our minds. Though the band’s self-titled was technically released here this October, it’s been somewhat of a slow burn so far. This astonishing clip, from Letterman a few days ago, might help kick them up to the next level. Who knew fingers could do this? At this speed?? We’re still recovering from Mr. Miyagi catching flies with chopsticks, but this… if you’re not duly impressed, try watching the band perform their nimble takes on classics like Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” (they also do Metallica’s “Onion”).

What do you think? Is it merely pretty brunch background, or the real deal?