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December 15, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

‘Escape’ Artist
I really enjoyed the inspiring story on Gwen Stefani (”The Good Girl”) and her new album, The Sweet Escape. I have to admit, like many people I didn’t even hear of her until Tragic Kingdom was released, but needless to say I was soon hooked. Stefani’s work with No Doubt along with her solo albums has really shown her music to have quite a wide-ranging style. There’s just one question I have, though, about the cover photo: Are you absolutely sure that’s Gwen and not Pink?
Chris Kestermont
Festus, Mo.

Inaction Jackson
I could not believe it when I read that Peter Jackson would not be directing the Lord of the Rings prequels (News & Notes). Is New Line insane? LOTR would not be what it is without Jackson’s passion and vision.
Mel Bryce

Cult of Personalities
Kudos for recognizing Shawn Hatosy’s performance on ER (Television). He was brilliant as a patient with multiple personalities. And he will soon be a star — right after his Emmy win for this part!
Debbie Archimbaud
East Stroudsburg, Pa.

Easy Listening
Thank you for ”Listen Plans,” your insight into audiobooks read by great talents (Books). In preparation for long holiday drives, I was researching audiobooks with well-known readers, because the wrong narrator can make a long journey interminable. Eerily, the day my EW arrived, I’d been watching a Stanley Tucci film and wishing I could find an audiobook read by him.
Kallie Markle
Elk Grove, Calif.

We misspelled musician Tim Rice-Oxley’s last name (”The Good Girl”).


”I am a Jaws nut,” began a recent e-mail sent to the OFOTW office. We read on and learned that Jimmy Sandefur of Shreveport, La., has seen the 1975 thriller more than 100 times and quotes it to his wife. He also owns the stunt pants worn (and autographed) by the actress who played the shark’s first victim — the ”holy grail” of his large collection. Jimmy: Any more items, and you’re going to need a bigger boat.

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