EW Staff
December 14, 2006 AT 09:05 PM EST

This video diary makes me very, very sad. In it, the Roots’ drummer/spokesperson and one of the best time-keepers of our era, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, pours his heart out to the webcam. “Today is not a good day,” he begins, before complaining that the Roots’ latest album, Game Theory, didn’t make Mojo Magazine’s 50 best albums of 2006 list. Seems like a small slight, but check it out, this dude is seriously glum: “To not make the Top 50 of one of my all-time favorite music publications… it’s bumming the s— out of me,” he moans. By the end of the clip, Questlove looks like he’s one step from pulling out a hanky.

So Questlove, we just have one important message for you: Cheer up, man! We like Mojo‘s 7,000-word profiles of Nick Drake as much as the next music geek, but they’re not the only magazine out there. After all, one extremely wise EW writer gave Game Theory an A-. Does that cheer you up a bit? (Or does it make it worse? Maybe you hate EW…) So, if there are Roots fans in Manchester or Birmingham, England, where the Roots are playing this weekend, please give Questlove a hug for us. Anyone else, just go buy their latest disc; Questlove’s mental and emotional health is in your hands!

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