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The year's best trailers

Here are three spots that deserved medals…and one that didn’t

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The year’s best trailers

Little Children
We never hear the words infidelity or cheat or affair but we know that something nefarious is going on, and the omnipresent sound of an approaching train tells us a collision is imminent. Could win short-film award, it’s so good.

The Devil Wears Prada
Almost the anti-trailer, this spot is simply a terrific sequence from the movie — in which poor Andy (Anne Hathaway) weathers a job interview with fashion editrix Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). You know exactly what you’re getting.

In a world that’s already been down the sword-and-sandals road with Gladiator, Troy, and Alexander, it’s saying something that this flick — about the 300 Spartans who took on the entire Persian army — looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Little Man
I’d like to give the Wayans boys a pass, since they took the cake with White Chicks, but I can’t: Talking babies are bad enough, but midgets pretending to be babies are worse, and midget-baby penis jokes are just evil.