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The Christmas Pig

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The Christmas Pig

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Kinky Friedman

We gave it a C

Lord, forgive us for suggesting that a cigar-chompin’ country singer-turned-Texas gubernatorial candidate called Kinky write a more traditional children’s book, maybe even one with pictures. In The Christmas Pig, unlikable King Jonjo Mayo the First commissions the kingdom’s annual nativity-scene painting from mute 10-year-old artist Benjamin. If the ”magical boy” pleases the king, the family he lives with may get the money to save their farm. If not, he dies. Merry Christmas! Skip to page 93 (out of 162), when Benjamin befriends the kindhearted pig Valerie, who wants to pose for his portrait. Keep a hankie handy, hons. The ending’s sadder than a Dolly Parton song.