December 06, 2006 at 06:00 PM EST

At the risk of incurring the field of reams my fellow blogger Whitney Pastorek incurred for her Joanna Newsom post, I’m heading back into the stormy seas where PopWatchers and Kate Bush/Tori Amos fans intersect.

Despite the fact that I recently gave a B+ to Newsom’s latest record in my review for EW, I can still actually sympathize with the faerie fatigue most listeners feel after about 37 seconds of Ys, so I hope you’ll believe me when I say, this song (and video) by Regina Spektor (pictured) deserve to be in your year-end top 10.

EW readers may know the Moscow-born singer-songwriter fromher roots in NYC’s anti-folk scene, or her subsequent tours with bandslike the Strokes, Mates of State, and Kings of Leon. (I’m still dying toknow if the song “Poor Little Rich Boy,” from the 2004 release Soviet Kitsch, is about her onetime boyfriend, lead Stroke and bona fide boy of privilege Julian Casablancas.)

Later, she was signed to Sire, which released this year’s Begin to Hope,and she subesquently traded in some of her freakier tendencies for moreVH1-friendly accessibility. Still, she’s an eccentric — from her Björkianyips and growls to her pronunciation of “better” as “beh-uh” — andthat’s what I love. Apparently, some 350,000 or so YouTube viewersagree… do you?

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