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Matthew Fox takes a pass at movie stardom

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151214__fox_lI may be the only person on the planet who didn’t realize that Lost star Matthew Fox was once a serious college-football player, but this new interview with Sports Illustrated — pegged to the Dec. 22 release of his gridiron flick, We Are Marshall (pictured) — has some pretty interesting anecdotes about his days catching the pigskin. (I bet regular PopWatch readers never thought they’d live to see the day where I used “gridiron” and “pigskin” in the same sentence.) Anyhow, I can’t find a single Lost spoiler in the entire Q&A, but then again, there are entire sentences that make no sense to me. Like, for example, “He’s the guy who can do the 17-yard dig route, get clobbered by the middle linebacker and always get up.” Huh? Maybe one of you rabid Losties can translate that into Season 3 scoop? Me, I’m just pleased Fox recognizes there’s nothing cooler than the Kentucky Derby. And on that same subject, Barbaro’s doing awesome; did you hear he finally got his cast off, and is about to get a special shoe? OK, I’m gonna stop talking about sports now. Happy Monday.