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Well, what if they DID remake 'Singin' in the Rain'?

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94346__george_lYou can’t find it on YouTube (or on maker Chocolate Cake City‘s site), but the spoof trailer for George Lucas’ “re-mastered and restored” Singin’ in the Rain is alive and well on Salon (click here, for as long as it lasts).

The folks behind “Brokeback to the Future” have outdone themselves (enough to make us forget about the one-note “X-Men 3: The Last Standing Ovation” trailer), by having Gene Kelly’s umbrella double as a shield to incoming laser fire during the iconic title number, and by including Jabba the Hutt’s subtitled cameo in the “Gotta Dance” medley.

Here’s my question: Will we ever see Singin’ in the Rainremade — or is it the rare film that even today’s Hollywood suitsrecognize as too hallowed to touch? I can’t imagine someone daring tostep into Kelly’s shoes (although this is probably what it would look likeif Justin Timberlake did). But the story holds up. It’d give HughJackman and Scarlett Johansson another chance to reunite. And 2007marks the film’s 55th anniversary…