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''Dirty Dancing'': reality show versus movie

EW asks what the dancing show has in common with the Patrick Swayze film

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”Dirty Dancing”: reality show versus movie

Dirty Dancing, the movie

Nontraditional Training
Baby and top instructor Johnny enhance their skills by dancing on a log over a stream and doing lifts in a lake.

Don’t Stop the Music
Johnny is in danger of missing the mambo at a nearby resort when partner Penny has to tend to a dire medical situation.

Ultra-Confusing Dance Quote
”The steps aren’t enough. Feel the music. It’s a feeling. A heartbeat. [Tapping his chest] Ga-gunn. Ga-gunn.”

Dirty Dancing: Living the Dream, the TV show

Nontraditional Training
Cecile and Latin American Ballroom champion Jonathan enhance their skills by doing some samurai sword training.

Don’t Stop the Music
Jonathan is in danger of missing a tango performance when a mishap with the sword leads to a dire medical situation.

Ultra-Confusing Dance Quote
”I knew that I had to do something to make myself stand out, so I decided to do the Worm.”