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Today in Random Pop-Culture News

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10832__cheech_lQuick! First one to find a coherent thread between the following three news items wins my undying love and respect. (Not that I couldn’t find a thread myself, because, um, it’s clear as Victoria Principal’s dewy complexion.)

– Cheech Marin (pictured, right, with Jorge Garcia) has been cast as Hurley’s dad on Lost (scroll down), which sounds intriguing enough, as long as he’s woven in to the story a little more delicately than, oh, Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro.
– Ruben Studdard has explained to US magazine why he decided to give up eating meat, and for some reason, I’m overcome with the urge to order a “vegetarian reuben” for lunch. (I just totally cracked myself up. Sorry.)
– The progressive folks at All My Children are adding a male-to-female transgendered character this week — yay! — and DListed makes the astute observation that Jeffrey Carlson, the actor who’s portraying Zarf, looks a little like Sandra Bernhard.

addCredit(“Garcia: Art Streiber; Marin: Steve Snowden/Getty Images”)