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Revel in... the power of... 'CSI: Miami'

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93414__david_lIf you’re a fan of CSI: Miami, or you’re not, or, especially if you’re like me, and tune in occasionally just to revel in the sheer lunacy of David Caruso’s performance as Horatio Caine, then the following YouTube video is for you. (Thanks, MetaFilter, for the heads-up.) It’s clip after clip after clip of the hyper-serious one-liners Caruso delivers before each episode’s opening credits (along with the opening howl of the theme song, the Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” as a rimshot). All together now, let’s get in touch with our inner Carusi: “Well it looks like…” (sunglasses on) “…something…” (dramatic pause) “…caught her.” (YEAAAAAHHHH!) Good times, people, good times.

addCredit(“CSI: Miami: Robert Voets/CBS”)