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Rainn Wilson: Ninja master

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155125__dwight_lRainn Wilson (pictured, right), whose luxuriant mysteriousness and inventory of strange, constipated faces know no bounds, has written a screenplay. It is about a ninja. Wilson will play this ninja, who, according to today’s Hollywood Reporter, is “aonce-great ninja who is now living a life of mediocrity.”

Ninja? Dwight? Really? … Why, yes! Of course! At his deepest depths, the ninja resonates with the sounds of ancient, sleek, sophisticated badness. If you don’t think the Rainn-ninja idea works, let me tell you. I believe in Rainn. Not only because his name is Rainn with two N’s, but because he’s done ninja before.

For instance:

  • Check out this piece of advice from Schrute-Space, Dwight’s Office blog: “Use a dragon pinch on his Carotid artery and cause him to collapse.  (Jump back!  Don’t get trapped under there!)” C’mon now. That lives and breathes ninja.
  • Though there wasn’t much stealth involved, Wilson channeled ninjutsu in a guest role on Entourage, where he played an Internet critic who was about to sabotage the opening box office of Aquaman. It took the ministrations of three porn stars to get him to back off. That automatically propels him into ninja territory. Kind of ugly and nerdy, but still ninja, and that’s what matters here.
  • He was in Baadasssss!. Please. Need I say more?

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