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How 'bout a frothy glass of 'Lost'-'Heroes' to start the week?

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204251__masi_lIt’s a little early on a Monday for what my colleague Scott Brown so winningly refers to as a “geekgasm.” Then again, I know a lot of you are (like me) still nursing Battlestar Galactica hangovers, so let’s dole out a little hair of the sci-fi dog, shall we? Will a Heroes-Lost cocktail do the trick?

Regarding everyone’s favorite Monday-night adventure, TV Guide is expected to report that Star Trek‘s George Takei has been cast as Hiro’s father. The erstwhile Mr. Sulu will travel to the U.S., intent on abducting Hiro (played by Masi Oka, pictured) and bringing him back to Japan  — a rather challenging task, considering junior’s teleportation skillz. (Thanks to TV Tattle for the link.)

The rumor coming off the Lost set is about 140 times more sensitive, though, so for those of you who like to avoid spoilers, let’s discuss it after the jump.

addCredit(“Heroes: Trae Patton”)

For the last week or so, Web buzz has been building that Jack Shephard, Lost‘s central hero, will pay the ultimate price for drama’s sake before the season ends. E! Online’s Kristin Veitch scoredsomething resembling a denial from producer Damon Lindelof, but itraises an interesting question: Would Matthew Fox’s exit from theseries be good for Lost? I’ve never really warmed to Jack’ssense of superiority and smugness, but it seems likethere’d be a good-guy vacuum without him. Sure, Sawyer and Kate aresmokin’, but neither is exactly heroic. And while Locke remains myfavorite island-dweller, dude might just be a little too oddball tolead the castaway troops.

What do you think PopWatchers? Will a Star Trek vet add to Heroes‘ appeal? And if you ran Lost, would you send Jack to meet his maker?