November 17, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

Sometimes, I feel like a bad news bear, incessantly discussing a steady stream of cancellations of quality programs. So long, Smith! Adieu, Arrested! Someday, we’ll meet in the afterlife, Valerie Cherish! (I need to see that!)

Today, however, is a different kind of day. Sort of an oh-happy-day, if you will. That’s because The CW just dropped us a note letting us know it’s picked up Veronica Mars (pictured) — ordering an additional seven episodes to finish out the show’s third season. Sure, that’s not the standard nine fan-boys and -girls were probably hoping for, but at least TV’s favorite teen sleuth will be working her magic through the spring. And seeing that the series is up 7 percent in the 18-34 demographic, is there any reason she shouldn’t be?

addCredit(“Veronica Mars: Scott Humbert”)

There’s also good news to spread for fans of The CW’s One Tree Hill, Showtime’s Weeds, and Fox’s Standoff and ‘Til Death. (I’m assuming the last-named show has fans? Anyone?) Tree just got an order for eight more episodes, Weeds will see its third season supersized (from 12 to 15 episodes), and Standoff and ‘Til Death are escaping the plague that befell their fellow Fox freshman series with pickups for five and nine more episodes, respectively.

Anyhow, if you’re happy about the aforementioned tidbits (and you know it), then clap your hands in the comments section below.

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