November 17, 2006 at 05:00 AM EST

10 big DVD boxed sets: ”James Bond Ultimate Edition: Volumes 1-4”

VITAL STATS All 20 movies; 40 discs; four 5-film volumes, $89.98 each; Vols. 1 and 2 out now, 3 and 4 out Dec. 12. CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENT Now, about Roger Moore. The Queen knighted the actor in 2003, yet many still can’t forgive him for replacing Sean Connery and turning Bond into a smirking wiseass. Well, you know what? Get over it. For anybody born between, say, 1970 and 1990, Moore (pictured), not Connery, is the guy with the Walther PPK. And, looking back past Timothy Dalton and The World Is Not Enough, he did just fine. He’s also the veritable star of this remastered 007 DVD package, which recycles extras from MGM’s terrific 2002-03 special editions and adds several more, including stunt deconstructions and fun home movies from the production designers’ location-scouting trips. Most notable, however, are seven new feature-length commentaries by Sir Roger; they’re reason enough for an upgrade. The star, now 79, sounds frail, but his recollections are sharp and entertaining. ”I always was very jealous of the villains — they have the best lines,” Moore says while watching Christopher Lee sneer his way through The Man With the Golden Gun. ”The next time I pass this way I shall play a Bond villain.” Actually, we like him just the way he was. VERDICT Fourteen hours of Roger Moore commentary? It’s a license to spill (the beans)! — Joshua Rich

1. Ian Fleming never meant for Bond to be a hero. Said the author: ”I intended him to be a sort of blunt instrument wielded by a government department.”
2. Yankee hunk James Brolin nearly replaced Moore circa 1982; his screen tests (sans Brit accent) are included in the Octopussy extras.
3. Goldfinger’s original Aston Martin DB5 sold at auction for $250,000 in the ’80s… and then was stolen from its owner in Boca Raton, Fla., in 1997 and never recovered.
4. Before hiring them for real, the producers had considered Moore for Dr. No, Dalton for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Pierce Brosnan for The Living Daylights.
5. To stay in touch, Moore and George Lazenby e-mail jokes to each other.

5 More…Action Entries
1. Miami Vice (2006) The unrated director’s cut of the Jamie Foxx-Colin Farrell cop pic. (Dec. 5)
2. 24: Season 5 (2006) Meet brilliant First Couple Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart. (Dec. 5)
3. Bugsy: Extended Cut (1991) More of Warren Beatty’s sharp-dressing gangster. (Dec. 12)
4. Maniac Cop: SE (1988) An over-the-top flick featuring a crazed killer in disguise. (Out now)
5. Jet Li’s Fearless (2006) Li’s final martial-arts masterpiece gets an unrated edition. (Dec. 19)

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