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Judges begone! Who should win 'Dancing With the Stars'?

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151916__dancing_lIf you tuned into last night’s steaming pile of DWTS randomness — featuring a disco ball bra, a musical disaster approaching the general vicinity of Hammertime, and this unfortunate tee — you know that the jerkstore judges ended up tying our two ever-glittering finalists, Emmitt Smith (pictured, left) and Mario Lopez (right). Agghhh! How did I know whom to vote for?!?!

Oh wait, I’ve never voted.

Their strange (but at this point, predictable) move concludes the judges’ season-long quest to become entirely useless. So, PopWatchers, are you glad they’ve bowed out, or do you think the judges should have chosen a frontrunner? WHO WILL WIN the meaningless disco ball trophy? And last but not least, WWKKD? (What would Kelly Kapowski, who was totally in the studio audience, do?)