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TV's crazy lady cops

TV’s crazy lady cops — From ”CSI” to ”Law & Order,” this fall’s female law enforcement is losing it

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TV’s crazy lady cops

They take down perps, but lately something’s been off with TV’s female law enforcers. Emotional, irrational, and often just scary, these ladies have demonstrated agita unseen since Lacey told Cagney to lay off the sauce.

Criminal Minds
Character Elle Greenaway (Lola Glaudini)
The Trigger Shot at home by a psycho in last season’s cliff-hanger, Greenaway couldn’t get past the near-fatal injury — or the rage within.
The Upshot While pursuing a rapist, Elle panics and the creep gets away. So Elle the Revengenator hunts him down and commits cold-blooded murder. She gets away with it, but loses her job and her soul.

Character Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes)
The Trigger Bonasera’s beau taped their more intimate ”interrogations” and held her hostage. She dumped him by bullet.
The Upshot Bonasera nearly lets a homicidal wife off because she identifies with the supposedly victimized woman. When a colleague suggests they should follow the evidence, Bonasera lets her beyotch flag fly.

Prime Suspect
Character Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren)
The Trigger After years of solid police work, Tennison is being put out to pasture, just as her father lies dying of cancer.
The Upshot Her boozing ways get out of control, leading to blackouts, a friend’s shooting, a near-miss car accident, and an almost fatally compromised murder investigation after Tennison gets ickily close to an underage witness.

Law & Order: SVU
Character Dani Beck (Connie Nielsen)
The Trigger Before she became Elliot Stabler’s temporary partner, Beck was married to a fellow cop who was shot in the head by a teenager.
The Upshot Beck has to be pulled off a rape suspect; she later admits she intended to kill him. Plus, she ends up smooching Elliot — and nothing says crazy like swapping DNA with the unstable Stabler.