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'The O.C.': Once upon a time in Mexico

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144023__ben_lYes, The O.C. was on last night. You had no idea. There’s a new one tonight, too, just in time for Thanksgiving. WTF? Fox, you suck.

The Cohens made a family pilgrimage to Mexico, which consisted of one bar interior and a very colorful coffee stand. At first, it was just Ryan’s thing, but then Seth needed Chicklets and Sandy wanted to wear his cool litigator shades. Kudos to Kirsten for figuring out Seth’s unnecessarily anagrammed note: “angry nudfo chocolate love” clearly meant “Ryan found Volchok.” I appreciated how Seth kept pronouncing it “Vol-chock,” just to be an ass.

“Mexico” just wasn’t the same without the comforting knowledge thatMarissa was rotting in an alley a few blocks away. Seth becamepuppetmaster for once: After getting plastered with the most obnoxioushuman on the planet (Steve-O? Ew!), he assigned Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie, pictured)and his parents to the same locale while he went to talk to Volchokhimself. We thought it was Ryan banging on the door with hisnightstick, but really it was Seth! Good fakeout there, with thedecrepit building doubling as a magic funhouse. I bet the next doorRyan opened would have contained a bunny… or maybe a rack ofrifles… oops, sorry, wrong channel. (That was Lost.)

So,much to Julie’s chagrin, Ryan’s back home, and Volchok’s still alive(and seemingly quite repentant). Julie and Summer are still shuttingout the peeps they love. Over at Brown, where there is no homework andone tree, Summer and Taylor barely spoke, which was actually betterbecause Taylor got to interact with the student body (“Move it,hippies”), and the Mexicans who’d intercepted Seth’s cell. Even better:Tia Carrere as the new Dean of Discipline. If she were president, she’dbe Baberaham Lincoln.

Tonight, The O.C.‘s first-ever group supermarket trip! Will you watch?