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Christopher Walken as Ozzy?

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Vince Neil of Motley Crue gave an exclusive interview with ABC News Radio this week (OK, so I’m sure you’re wondering why ABC News felt the need to have an ”exclusive” interview with Vince Neil and what ”exclusive” news Mr. Neil had to share, but read on, I promise this will be of interest), in which he revealed that Christopher Walken will have a cameo appearance as Ozzy Osbourne in an upcoming film called The Dirt. The movie is based on the raunchy tell-all that chronicles Motley Crue’s infamous exploits during their heyday and will feature Walken as the ex-Black Sabbath frontman in the days when he toured with the 80’s hair-metal band.

Walken as Ozzy? I don’t doubt Walken’s ability to take on such an intense character; besides, he’s even played a major rock and roll personality before (cowbell-loving Blue Oyster Cult producer Bruce Dickinson, anyone?). But how will the 63-year-old actor fare as the thirtysomething Prince of Darkness circa 1987? It might not turn out believable, but the mere prospect is amusing enough. The movie is due in 2008. Are you guys ready to dig some Dirt?